Company Overview


Active Safety NZ Limited is a specialist PPE/PPC and services provider. We deliver to customers around New Zealand and the Pacific from our Distribution Centre, Retail Store, Customer Services Centre, and Head Office based in Albany Auckland.

In the ten years since we established our business, we have grown through acquisition of competing safety companies, as shown below. This has given Active Safety the scale and resources to offer a comprehensive safety solution to our clients countrywide.

As a growing business, we are progressively looking for ways to offer our customers better efficiency and service through strategic acquisition, our innovative approach and the smart use of technology.


Health and Safety

As a leading Health and Safety supplier, we have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy and an annual health and safety plan (see Appendices). We continuously improve our on-site approach to health and safety to manage risks and hazards effectively.

Our safety strategy covers various health and safety priorities, ensuring that we understand all the risks inherent in our own business and that of our clients. The entire team regularly undergoes Health & Safety Training and refresher courses, and we have experts in specialist areas such as confined spaces and working at heights who share their expertise with the team.

For Active Safety, we identified two areas of focus that are particularly important for our team and legislative compliance.

  • To manage operational safety risks so that our workforce is not exposed to the risk of significant injuries and fatalities.
  • Our team takes responsibility to initiate ideas big and small to enhance their physical health and productivity.


Business Process

We focus on consistent operational improvement, with standard operating procedures across the group. These procedures were developed as a team to ensure best practice and delivery of exceptional customer service. We have regular product training with suppliers and use third party training organisations for company team building and planning sessions to keep innovating and future-proofing our business sessions.

Active Safety is committed to on-going operational improvements with a weekly meeting agenda including updates on procedures. Additional project meetings are scheduled as required to create new or improve existing procedures and policies as the business grows and evolves.

Some of our latest technology projects are highlighted in the Innovation section and Case Studies in this document.


Quality Assurance

As a valued client, your complete customer satisfaction is our goal. Active Safety has developed a Quality Assurance Plan that outlines what is expected and required of our team and our suppliers to meet this goal, and we encourage a culture where each person is 100% committed to quality outcomes.

Each business division has a Quality Assurance Plan, appropriate to their operation, to ensure the best product or service is delivered on time, complies with AS/NZ standards, current legislation and our customers’ particular health and safety requirements.


Value Added Services

Your safety solutions team needs to be an extension of your business, understanding your operation and able to identify and prepare for all the risks your team may encounter. With Active Safety, you have a team at your disposal with genuine experience and expertise in the activities that pose the most risk for your team.

When it comes to working at heights, for example, we have Jamie Sutherland and five others trained in the special risks and the correct equipment for working at various heights in a variety of circumstances. They can recommend the best solutions for your unique site and environment, helping your team to stay safe and productive.


Making compliance easy

Another area where Active Safety adds value is our ability to provide an on-site technician and service your specialist equipment. Equipment like harnesses and lanyards need to be checked and certified every (six months), gas detectors calibrated every 6 months, tripod and winches every 12 months. Active Safety can provide peace of mind. We keep track of these assets and manage the maintenance for you, so you stay compliant, and don’t experience any down time.


Custom Designs

Your visible brand is as important to safety behaviour as your PPE. As a specialist PPE/PPC provider, Active Safety manufactures a range of Hi Vis apparel and wet weather gear offshore - all meeting AS/NZS standards. This capability means we can custom make garments, designed and manufactured to your specifications (see the example of customer wet weather gear in the Case Study section).


Speed and flexibility

As a privately-owned NZ business, our size and structure allows us to be nimble. We have the flexibility to action any new agreed initiatives very quickly to enhance our services to you. With scheduled reviews and open communication channels for immediate feedback at any time through our Account Managers, there are no lengthy delays or deliberations when it comes to improving our business processes or complementing yours.

Safety can never be compromised, regardless of programme or deadlines. Active Safety has a responsive culture and are committed to getting you sorted as speedily as possible. Our Key Account Manager or mobile service technician can deliver urgent (emergency) same day orders to any site Auckland wide.

And for many of our key clients, we hold branded stock of high volume items, so we can dispatch them countrywide within a day.