Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding


Today’s production environment is very demanding. Pressures on supply chain efficiency and output are major considerations when developing manufacturing systems. Castell’s approach to delivering solutions for machine guarding applications is to ensure that fast safe access can be gained. This means that efficiency is maintained whilst safety is not compromised.

Through this approach and the design of innovative products Castell systems can be found in a vast range of applications across the globe. Working closely with industry Castell has ensured that products are available with the correct specifications, such as materials and finishes, to ensure a reliable operation for every environment.



Some of the areas where Castell products can be found are:


  • Food and Beverage

  • Aggregates and Mining

  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical

  • Paper, Pulp and Wood

  • Steel, Aluminium and Precious Metal

  • Automotive and Electronics

  • Water and Recycling



Typical application areas:

Robot cells | Conveyors | Palletisers | Gas Turbines | Freezer Rooms | Automated Warehouse | Power Press | Spray Booths Industrial Mixers | Pressure Vessels | Recycling | Rotating Machinery | Mixers and Blenders Crushers | Bottling | Packaging