Active Safety's range of quality work safe gumboots are perfect for a wide range of applications where safety, comfort and protection from water and other liquids are required. The right footwear for the right job will prevent slips, protect toes and keep workers feet warm and dry in New Zealand's extreme weather conditions. For the tough jobs, we offer gumboots that have reinforced ankle's and heels for unbeatable stability, gumboots with anti-slip soles to guard against wet & slippery surfaces and reinforced steel toe caps for hazardous environments with heavy objects or machinery. We even carry special boots with spiked soles to ensure ultimate grip. Furthermore, our gumboots are made from varying materials to satisfy specific environmental & safety needs such as: Slip resistance, impact & shock absorbtion, heat resistance, oil resistance, acid resitance and microbial resistance.
Every single gumboot goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure it is resilient in the toughest of work conditions and complies with NZ safety standards. We carry popular and renowned brands such as Blundstone, Bison, Metaguard. Browse our selection and you will surely find the right safety boots to meet your requirements.

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