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Pro Flat Fold Respirator P2 Box/10

Item Code: PCFFP2V

Dispatch: 2-3 business days

The Pro flat fold respirators may be suitable for the following suggested applications (but are not limited to):

Class P1: Sanding, Grinding, Cutting, Drilling, Sawing, Plastering, Rendering, Excavation, Powders or Dusts

Class P2: Light Welding, Soldering, Foundry Operations, Aerosols, Diesel Particulate Materials

  • P2 rating for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles
  • Exhalation ProValve for extra air flow
  • Contoured shape for enhanced fit, seal & comfort
  • Latex free dual straps give firm and comfortable fit
  • Adjustable dual head strap for optimum fit
  • Mouldable high density foam nose piece for a secure & comfortable seal
  • Fits most common face shapes
  • Staple free
  • Hygienically sealed
  • Qty/Box – 10

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