Flamefighter Water Extinguisher 9KG - 8485 - Image 1.jpg

9 Litre Water Flamefighter Extinguisher

Item Code: 8485

Dispatch: 2-3 business days

Rated for Class A Fires, Air pressurised water extinguisher, easy to use and cheap to maintain.

Air-pressurised water extinguishes are suitable for Class A fires involving paper, wood, straw, textiles etc. The 9 Litre water extinguisher is easy to use and less costly to maintain and service. Carries the AS/NZS 1841:2 approval.

Generally recommended for offices, convenience stores, retail shops etc.

Stainless steel cylinder, red powder coated finish, comes complete with wall bracket.


NZ $217.35 inc.


Carries the AS/NZS 1841:2 approval

Ideal For Fires That Involve:

  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Wood
  • Cloth
  • Straw

Generally Recommended For:

  • Offices
  • Convenience stores
  • Retail Shop