Brett Hammond

“Our customers are looking for total transparency from the time they place their order to dispatch and delivery. I’m here to provide that transparency – and the assurance that your products will arrive in good time.”

BRETT HAMMOND - Supply Chain Manager

Brett has been with Active Safety since April 2018. With a background in line management and project management, his ability to assess any environment and create smarter ways to work has led to enhanced company performance in every role he has undertaken.

Brett joined Active Safety from the horticulture industry, where he was responsible for $20M in revenue and implemented NetSuite, the automated ERP system. As Active Safety’s Supply Chain Manager, Brett is bringing the same focus on automation, innovation and continuous improvement to our industry-leading supply chain process.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, Management and Geography
  • Strong commercial acumen
  • Excellent metrics and data analysis
  • Transparency in reporting
  • Operations management
  • System automation
  • Creating supply chain efficiencies


Brett’s track record

Brett joined the banking industry as a graduate and his strong commercial and leadership skills saw him rise to the rank of branch manager of one of the largest New Zealand banks within 18 months. His affinity with numbers and data then led to ta project analyst role.

With a stint as project manager in the UK, he then went on to spend nine years with a company supplying products to the horticulture industry. As Operations and Supply Chain Manager, he developed and implemented a comprehensive supply chain strategy that included a transparent, digital stock ordering and tracking system.

As Supply Chain Manager for Active Safety, Brett looks after our warehouse and distribution centre operation with meticulous attention to detail.



Brett is an astute leader who understands the importance of a good culture and excellent communication for quality results. His enthusiasm is already making a difference in team pride and productivity; with incremental improvements to our processes every day. His focus on quality data is invaluable, with the power to drive continuous improvement and allow us to facilitate more accurate forecasting for our clients.

Brett is currently working on bespoke online portals for our key clients, and enhanced reports that will let you know what you are spending - and how we can assist with inventory management to save time, save costs, and add value.