Jamie Sutherland

“My job is to help clients keep their LTIs down and keep their team safe, so they can do what they need to do – and on time.”

JAMIE SUTHERLAND - Business Development Manager

With over 12 years in the safety industry, Jamie has built a reputation as a trusted advisor to a variety of clients across sectors. His relentless focus on going the extra mile to meet their needs has been acknowledged by our clients throughout his seven years with Active Safety – and he will do the same for you.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Expert in height safety management
  • Responsive Client relationship management
  • Specialist knowledge and experience across a comprehensive array of safety solutions and products
  • Focus on quality and continuous innovation
  • On site advice
  • Inventory management


Jamie’s track record

With expertise in height safety and confined space entry equipment and the right products for each unique environment, Jamie brings an innovative approach to solving any challenge; and a commitment to finding and creating bespoke products when the status quo just isn’t good enough. For example, he worked with the customer and our team to develop a vented Hi Vis garment when our client’s team members were getting too hot in the standard issue clothing.

Jamie is also known for integrating himself into client teams to ensure he understands their business thoroughly and can recommend safety solutions for compliance as well as cost savings over the long term. He is a trouble-shooter who enjoys a challenge, finding solutions for unique problems. His experience means he knows what works well for certain applications and can recommend standout products that do the job better.

For example, when Jamie noticed a manufacturing client was going through respirator filters and other consumable products at a much faster rate than they should for their processes, he raised the issue with the client. The previous supplier had been happy to keep turning over large volumes of consumables, but Jamie worked with the client and spent time on site to pinpoint the problem. His recommendations saved significant costs and added value for this client.

Jamie’s hands-on approach and passion for safety means he can also often be found on client sites during toolbox talks or safety briefings. While extremely knowledgeable himself, he will bring along experts when appropriate to demonstrate correct techniques in using and caring for safety equipment.



Jamie’s client focus and proactive approach has been instrumental in making Active Safety the total safety solutions provider it is today. His ability to find value for our clients, getting involved in enhancing their safety preparedness and promoting efficient inventory management, has made him a sought after by clients and competitors alike.

He is passionate about on-time delivery and on keeping client teams safe, operational and productive. In fact, he has developed critical inventory checklists for clients himself to ensure they never run out of vital safety stock.

Jamie’s commitment to excellent client service has made him an invaluable team member, mentor and coach for the Active Safety sales and client service teams.