Matt Cutler

“We want to continue to evolve and be the best at what we do. It’s all about making a positive impact on everybody that we deal with.”

MATT CUTLER - MD & Sales Director

Ten years ago, Matt had a vision to build a world class team of quality people, providing a total safety solution for customers.

Coming from the high-risk forestry industry with over 20 years’ experience, Matt understood that clients want more than ‘box-movers’ when it comes to looking after the safety of their people.

Bringing comprehensive safety solutions, hiring equipment and servicing, and a wide range of safety products under one umbrella, Matt built a robust business and a team with industry-leading expertise.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Comprehensive industry skills and knowledge
  • Entrepreneur and pioneer
  • Forestry industry specialist
  • Risk analysis
  • Building strong teams
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Implementing efficient systems and processes
  • Business merger and acquisitions
  • Strong financial management


Matt’s track record

In the forest Industry during the time of transition to mechanised harvesting, Matt managed some of the highest producing and most successful log harvesting operations in New Zealand. His knowledge of health and safety was paramount to operations in this high-risk environment, where his strong safety ethic and leadership skills were honed.

A natural entrepreneur, it wasn’t long before Matt started his own consulting business in 2003, contracting predominantly to Carter Holt Harvey Forests. He specialised in safety, productivity and accountable performance programmes, which included practices such as operational audits and troubleshooting areas of low performing operations to improve health and safety and overall performance.

During this time Matt saw the potential to provide the wider market with much needed competent solutions, including quality products, expert advice and above all a better customer service experience.

Active Safety became the platform to deliver this premium total safety solution to the market. With a goal to be the market leader and most innovative safety company, he acquired Active Safety in 2008, Safety Plus in 2011 and Focus Safety in 2012. Today, Active Safety has an established reputation for excellence and client service, with the Albany head office and distribution centre employing 15 skilled staff.



Matt has built a skilled, experienced team who looks after the day to day needs of our key clients.

He continues to act as coach and mentor, with an ongoing focus on training and development for the whole team. He has instilled a strong company culture, with a philosophy to give back to the community (through their long-term sponsorship of Auckland Rescue Helicopter), and a relentless commitment to meeting their clients’ needs.

While other companies have followed Matt’s lead in attempting to provide a comprehensive safety solution, Active Safety’s focus on a world class, quality service for our clients and innovative products and services continues to differentiate us in the market.