Australian/NZ Standards


Australian and New Zealand Standards set criteria and design procedures to ensure goods and services.

Standards are set to maintain a quality benchmark, but Standards Certification takes products to the highest level of quality assurance through independent auditing.


Compliant Safety Products

Manufacturer Standards compliance is a legal obligation that is not enforced or monitored by authorities unless an incident occurs. Manufacturers that make Standards compliance claims are acknowledging that their product meets the relevant Standards, according to them.


Why Standards, Compliance is not enough

The manufacturer holds no responsibility to test products on an ongoing basis to be able to state Standards compliance. Taking into account manufacturing procedure variances from batch to batch, a product that complies on launch may not necessarily still comply two years later if the product is not tested periodically.




Some claims of Standards compliance may not be relevant to the Standard for your specific industry or application so make sure you know which Standards applies to your occupation.