Avoiding Health Problems

There are a few health hazards associated with chainsaw use that you should be aware of.



Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, which can make you feel drowsy and cause you to lose concentration, increasing the risk of an accident. Ensure that you use chainsaws in well ventilated areas only.



The noise generated by a petrol-driven chainsaw can start to damage your hearing after just a few minutes' use. The longer the exposure, the greater the likelihood you will suffer permanent noise induced hearing loss.

To protect your hearing, make sure you wear Class 5 earmuffs, as worn by industry professionals.



This results in “white finger”, which is caused by a reduced flow of blood to the finger extremities. Excessive vibration can increase the likelihood of vibration disease.

Make sure your chainsaw is properly tuned, regularly check the fastness of the anti-vibration mounts and chainsaw parts, and keep the chain depth gauge settings and chain sharpening to the manufacturer's instructions.