Elimination Controls


The best method of hazard control is eliminating the potential of a fall.

Consideration of elimination controls should occur early in the project development stage in order to allow necessary design, planning and coordination. Eliminating the potential of a fall can be achieved through:

  • safer design
  • using alternative construction methods
  • using specific tools and equipment


Safer design:

Examples of safer design include:

  • use of low-maintenance building materials
  • locating air conditioning and similar plant at ground level
  • installing walkways with handrails
  • having permanent guardrails or other forms of edge protection, for example
  • parapet walls.


Using alternative construction methods:

Examples of alternative construction methods include:

  • prefabricating wall frames horizontally before standing them up
  • using precast tilt-up concrete construction instead of concrete walls
  • constructed in site
  • prefabricating structures on the ground or before installation and lifting them into position
  • pre-painting fixtures/roofs before installation
  • installing and maintaining antennae and satellite dishes or air conditioning in areas other than at height.


Use of tools and equipment:

Examples of tools and equipment include using long-handled tools, such as paint rollers or window brushes with extendable handles, thereby eliminating the need to work from a ladder.