Safety Mesh

Safety mesh is the preferred system for protecting construction workers against falling through a roof while they are laying roof sheets. If securely fixed, it also provides fall prevention for maintenance and repair workers.

Safety mesh should be used in conjunction with appropriate edge protection such as guardrails. If isolation is not practicable then a safety harness system should be used.

Safety mesh should comply with AS/NZS 4389 Safety Mesh. This specifies the minimum requirements for the design, construction, testing and installation of safety mesh for use in domestic, commercial and industrial building applications.


Installing safety mesh

People installing safety mesh should only use mesh where the product information has been made available by the manufacturer/supplier, including evidence of compliance with AS/NZS 4389 Safety Mesh.

Particular care is required to ensure that the mesh is securely connected to the structure and the overlap between adjacent sections of mesh is sufficient to achieve the necessary strength to resist the force of a person falling onto it.

Use scaffolding or elevating work platforms to obtain safe access for installation workers.

The safety mesh should be covered by the roof cladding as soon as possible after it has been installed. However, the people installing the cladding should ensure that this does not happen until such time as the mesh has been formally inspected by a competent person as being installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The mesh is first cut to the right length and is then run out over the roof using a continuous rope system. Installers should not walk across the open purlins to draw the mesh.